30 Days of Letting Go

30 Days of Letting Go Challenge – Day 2

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Welcome to Day 2 of the Letting Go Challenge! Yesterday, we focused on letting go of negative self-talk. Today, I want to look at the reason negative self-talk is such a big challenge. Why is it that we are so quick to defend others when they are being spoken to rudely but we don’t even notice the negative impact it has on us when we are being our biggest bully?

Here’s what I think; I have such a hard time accepting things the way they are without wishing they conformed to some view I’ve come to know as being the ‘way things should be’. Such as, ‘clothes should be clean and put away at all times’. Or,’dishes should always be clean and never left in the sink’. Or,’dust should never be present on any surface in my home’. These are the small ‘should’s’ we will focus on for today. Then once these are mastered it will be much easier to deal with the ‘Biggies’!

I’ll be clear; I do believe it is healthy and calms me to have a clean and orderly house. However, I no longer believe that I should have a clean and orderly house at all times. Can you imagine what a dull, horrible existence that would be? Actually, I’m sure you probably do! Because, like me, many of you have tried to have a clean and orderly house at all times. IT DOES NOT WORK! You may be able to get close but you and everyone in your house will be miserable.

Here’s the thing; I have stopped living according to how things should be. Now, I strive to live moment to moment so I can enjoy life fully. Then, from that standpoint, I am able to move into making things better without feeling judged and condemned. Perfectionism tells me things ‘should be’ a certain way. Believing that will cause me to be unhappy until I reach that goal. I am not saying we should give up on things ever changing for the better. I am saying that happiness is achieved through allowing things to be imperfect AND working toward a better tomorrow at the same time. Hold onto your desires, lightly or you will never enjoy what you have right now. Act from a place of being content with things the way they are now while working toward improving the moment.

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So, here’s the challenge for Day 2:

Let go of the idea that things ‘should be’ a certain way and try letting them be without judging them. Essentially, I am asking you to let go of your idea of perfection. When thoughts come to you like,”Oh, that’s not right!” or “Why am I like this?” instead of placing judgement, let it go and let things be.

Try it with me and let me know how it goes for you in the comments below!

I love you guys! Have a beautiful, joy filled day! I will be back tomorrow with Day 3 of our Letting Go challenge!


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30 Days of Letting Go Challenge – Day 1

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The 30 Days of Letting Go is a challenge I have created for myself to help me let go of the negative in my life so that I can fully enjoy the positive. If you follow my Mindful Joy Search blog, http://www.mindfuljoysearch.com, you know of my concept of using mindfulness practice to bring more joy into my life. This challenge is inspired by that concept. I will endeavor to apply my mindfulness practice to one practical aspect of each of the next 30 days. We will spend today replacing our negative self talk with positive affirmations. Mindfulness practice, is just that, practice. Be patient with yourself through this process.

Day 1 – Letting go of negative self talk

I define negative self talk as those pesky criticisms that pop into my mind every time I become annoyed with myself. These criticisms do not improve my life. They only help foster stress and a poor self image. So, today, when I do something that I feel is less than perfect and I hear the ‘Negative Nancy’ saying something nasty, like, “Well, that was stupid!” I am going to stop myself and rephrase with a comment more like, “That didn’t go the way I wanted. But I am doing my best and getting better at this all the time!”. Then, I will follow that comment by becoming mindful of something I really like about myself. I will encourage myself the way I would my best friend. After all, I am the only one I am with all the time. Shouldn’t I be my best Cheer Leader and Fan!

I hope you will join me in today’s challenge because the only thing you need to be amazing is just knowing that:


P.S. I will comment below on the success I have with today’s challenge. I would be THRILLED if you would do the same. When you find this challenge, even five years from now, please jump right in! Share your progress in the comments. It will make me so happy to see this adding joy to your life no matter when you begin!

I love you, guys! Thank you for reading! Please share and follow me if you liked this.

Have a beautiful JOY FILLED DAY!

Rebecca Griego

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